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Moving Forward is dedicated to creating regional transportation solutions that work for Middle Tennesseans. Our organization brings the community together by empowering business, community, and transit thought leaders to engage with the critical transportation issues facing Middle Tennessee.

Moving Forward 2018 Scorecard

Moving Forward 2017 Report

Moving Forward 2017 Report – In-Depth Summary of Autonomous Vehicle Research

Middle Tennessee Revenue Study

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Our region’s goals are as follows:

·       Support the completion of an RTA and MTA Strategic Plan update by the end of 2016.

·       Support the identification and passage of state and federal government revenue enhancements for transit by the end of 2017.

·       Ensure at least 30,000 engagements with Middle Tennesseans in the transit conversation by the end of 2017.

·       Identify and secure a local dedicated funding source for transit in the region by the end of 2018.

·       Support breaking ground on the first rapid transit project in the region by the end of 2020.

Want to see what our region has already achieved? Check out Moving Forward’s Scorecard, an evaluation of our efforts and successes in 2018.


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Moving Forward is governed by a coordinating committee, two issue-specific task forces and an advisory forum that are reviewing our region’s progress and identifying recommendations toward achieving these goals. The task forces meet monthly and the coordinating committee meets approximately bimonthly, having started in August 2015. Moving Forward continues to convene community partners and provide ongoing coordinating support to the initiative.



2017 Key recommendations


1. The Nashville/Davidson County Mayor’s Office should complete the plan for downtown access and mobility across all modes by the end of the 2017 calendar year. (pg. 22, Moving Forward 2017 Report)

2. The counties in the Middle Tennessee region that were not included in the IMPROVE Act – Cheatham, Dickson, Maury and Robertson Counties – should be included in the legislation in the coming legislative session and permitted to allow their residents to decide if and how to fund transit. (pg. 14, Moving Forward 2017 Report)

3. The State of Tennessee should develop and staff an Office of Public-Private Partnerships within the next year to ensure that governments in our state are prepared to accept and implement future P3 proposals. (pg. 16, Moving Forward 2017 Report)

4. Moving Forward recommends that the MTA implement software upgrades to its mobile data terminals for the AccessRide paratransit service, allowing for dynamic scheduling and improving dispatch and routing efficiency. (pg. 24, Moving Forward 2017 Report)

5. As a complement to the mass transit network envisioned in nMotion, Nashville should undertake an Autonomous Vehicle pilot through one of the two transit studies underway – the Downtown Mobility Plan or the Gallatin Pike Transit Study. (pg. 33, Moving Forward 2017 Report)





As of Thursday, May 11, Moving Forward has announced that the Revenue and Finance task force has begun phase two of its analysis of potential funding sources for transit projects in Middle Tennessee. Click here to read the press release.

Having reviewed MTA’s budget request for fiscal year 2017-2018 in light of the nMotion transit plan and Moving Forward’s 2016 Report, Moving Forward is pleased to send a letter of support requesting substantial, strategic funding in the upcoming budget for MTA to continue aggressive implementation of nMotion. Click here to read the letter.

January 2017 scorecard - tracks our region’s successes and the challenges ahead in creating a regional transit network.

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August 2016 Moving Forward report

November 2016 Victoria Transport Policy Institute funding study



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